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A TL request for the massive iDOLM@STER + Date Masamune crossover novelm@ster series (featuring illustrations by Akane):

An alternate 500MB video of the episode 26 livestream with chat. (Password is "idol".)

Yayoi G4U intro:

Butt shaking

【80's洋楽m@ster】 La Isla Bonita (Iori, Yayoi, and Ami)

[Novelsm@ster] "Please Stop It Mai-san!" (in MP4 format, all five episodes.)

Two "Please Stop It Mai-san!" novem@s extra episodes (taking place between episodes 1 and 2)

765seconds minimix in 765GOLD video

Azusa and Chihaya's Dancing (10 minutes long)‬‬

A translation request has been placed for "Gun Smoky Baby"

An ACM (Azusa, Chihaya, Makoto) performance of "We Have A Dream" from LIVEinSLOT

Haruhi S2 OP, featuring Iori

A translation request has been placed for the "P@ranoia M@ster" novelmaster series:

The full PV for "Vault That Borderline"

Nemurihime fanmade PV

The retiming of the japanese subtitles to the BDs
Episodes 1-5 and 14:
Episodes 1-8:

Episode 1 of "Please Stop It Mai-san!"
(Subbed file)
(RAW video, Same filename + MPC-HC or VLC for playback.)

Another gameplay of LiveInSlot

A translation request has been put for【アイドルマスター】ガン・スモーキー・ベイベ

The PS3 DLC of Agent has been combined with the REM@STER-B

Yukiho (Head-pats, えへへ〜)

Yukiho iM@S2 Videos from Nico

Double Yukipo Documentary