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Yukipo's Unscheduled Journey Challenge!

posted May 13, 2013, 9:12 PM by Hika Thai

Neue Green Chapter 12 under Dearly Stars.
All three of the Shiny Festa iOS apps under Shiny Festa. (Located at the very top, under the Sound fix.)
Shuu☆Kazuki/Nekokan's Haruka x Hibiki non-H doujin "flirt with", yuutousei's "THE YOIDOLE M@STER", Syado's Hibiki + Chihaya non-H doujin "響と千早が不思議な孤島でサバイバル!" under Untouched, which has been leveled.
The script for Chapter 25 of Break.
The updated card pack under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
Another one of Ranko's SR lines and the extended preview for Nana Abe's "メルヘンデビュー!" under Cinderella Girls, Songs/Talk Tracks.
The updated Theater "Cinderella Girl" under Cinderella Girl, Comics.
The C83 Haruka/Chihaya box set CD under Untranslated Drama CDs.

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Ranko, Anastasia, Kaede, Sachiko and Rin will get a new album together.
Wednesday/アダムスファミリーマート "海の待つ家にて"/"At the waiting home of the sea"'s link has been updated.
All of Namassuka Special has been proofread.

May 22nd: Ami and Mami's birthday and CINDERELLA M@STER 016-020.
Thank you for participating and/or contributing towards Yukipo and the threads. I hope you all have a nice one.