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yukiho is so lovely

posted Feb 10, 2013, 5:46 PM by kikuchimako yukiholuvr   [ updated Feb 10, 2013, 7:13 PM ]

i was told to do to update because yukipo is off celebrating the lunar new years by distributing weapons to kids soooooooo yeah on to the update ^.^


compiled episodes 25-29, yayo/yaoyi's off-vocal track was found, azusa and makotos character cd preview, amimami/koamimami and ritusko/chicchan's puchim@su! character cds all under Puchim@su!
びすますP's "【SCHOOL M@STER】" under incompleted
afuu, summer afuu, and takanya shimeji have been completed and under miscellaneous, shimeji
passion anthology storys 2 and 3 under cinderella girls, comic anthologies
innocent blue extra chapter and the complete ib batch under manga, dearly stars
photograpgs of yusuke Tanaka and Isao Hayashi's "First Stage" and "Second Stage" artbooks and mame-p's gentlemen style artbook under images, artbook
s-14's m@mix2, hatasuho's "I can't wait for the movie from the heroism episode to be released, so I drew one" under manga, non-h completed
レッツゴー芸ドル chapter 1 raw under cinderella girls, manga shuffle
"i'm sorry, yayoi", hot casual weather, シベリハ4, forbidden fruit, amd step were all scanned and are in the batch folder in incompleted

puchim@su volume 4 extra needs translations
forbidden fruit has been translated/proofread
step has been translated/proofread
the idolm@ster movie is confirmed more details will beo n the april issue of megami
wonfes happened and 765 pro idol figmas, hibiki/sachiko/mika 1/8 scale figures, a koume petit announced