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We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey

posted Jan 8, 2015, 10:38 AM by Jalexster   [ updated Jan 27, 2015, 3:12 AM ]
On January 9th at 24:00 JST (that's midnight between the 9th and 10th), The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls animated series by A-1 will begin airing. God help us all.


Cinderella Girls > Songs/Talk Tracks
CINDERELLA MASTER Passion jewelries! 002
CINDERELLA MASTER Cute jewelries! 002
"Passion Winter Activity" Mio Honda and friends drama CD
"Gokigen Party Night" megamix

Cinderella Girls > Miscellaneous
Latest Puchiderella image packs (December 26th and January 5th)
Latest Cinderella Girls Cinematic Events list (December 31st)
Cinderella Girls New Years 2014 special program

Million Live
Latest Million Live frameless card pack (December 28th)
A collection of Million Live birthday commus (December 29th)
Million Live 2014 Christmas Commus with translations (December 31st)
1stLIVE HAPPY☆PERFORMANCE "COMPLETE THE@TER" bonus CD (featuring live renditions of "Welcome!!")

Doujin and Pixiv Comics > Non-H Completed
ひーりんぐ's summertime Hibiki pixiv comic "響漫画"
DNAQ/Nekota Nanami's Yukiho/Chihaya non-H doujin "Inside the Snow Dome"

Doujin and Pixiv Comics > Raw
えむ/mwh's non-H Million Live doujin "MILLION ANIM@LIZE"

Manga > Puchim@su!
Puchimasu manga chapter 75 translated/typeset by [M@STERSCANZ]

Latest iDOLM@STER Music Collection MP3 torrent (December 16th)

One For All
One For All DLC Catalog 8

Video > Live Action/VA Events
December 29th 2014 End of Year stream with iM@S staff and VAs (Haruka's, Chihaya's, Uzuki's and Mirai's)
M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD SSA concert BDs [Day 1] and [Day 2]

Images > G4U
A set of G4U Chihaya pictures

Latest IDOL VERS@S (unofficial doujin TCG) card pack (January 8th)

Yukiho's birthday occurred on December 24th.
Also on the 24th, CINDERELLA MASTER Passion jewelries! 002 and MILLION LIVE "1stLIVE HAPPY☆PERFORMANCE" concert BDs were released, and an iDOLM@STER cafe opened at Characo in Akihabara.
The Cinderella Girls third anniversary's vote for a new voiced idol came to its conclusion on December 25th. Arisu managed to beat Syuko and take victory into her hands! She will be voiced by AKB48 member Amina Sato, who has admitted to playing iDOLM@STER Arcade in the past and pai-touching the idols.
Cinderella Girls Ensemble! volume 2 was released on Christmas Day, December 25th. Also on the 25th, One For All DLC Catalog 8 was released, containing 765pro's "Visionary", Tsubasa's "Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen", Leon's new song "Ultimate Eyes", the EX3 DLC scenarios, various costumes, accessories, items, and more.
The Cinderella Girls anime will be streamed online worldwide in english via the Daisuki service.
Previews for Makoto's "WORLD WIDE DANCE!!!", Konomi's "Suichuu Candy", Ayumu's "Unison☆Beat", and Minako's "SUPER SIZE LOVE!!" on LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 07/08 (January 28th) have been released.
GREE had a 30%-off sale of their in-game currency, and made a Million Live TVCM to promote it.
The MILLION RADIO SPECIAL PARTY 02 concert occurred in Shinjuku BLAZE on December 27th. Setlists and reports were released.
A final end-of-year Nico stream with iM@S staff and VAs (Haruka's, Chihaya's, Uzuki's and Mirai's) occurred on December 29th.
THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! 2ndLIVE ENJOY H@RMONY!! concert has been announced for April 4th and 5th at Makuhari Messe.
Full track listings, song titles, and previews of the CINDERELLA MASTER 031-035 (February 4th) tracks have been released.
Comiket 87 occurred at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center from December 28th to 30th. The "Passion Winter Activity" drama CD (featuring Mio Honda) was released by Cygames. "THE IDOLM@STER ORIGINAL CD SET -1111 BRIGHTS and MAGICS-" double-CD (featuring Haruka singing "Onegai! Cinderella" and Rin (not Uzuki as previously thought) singing "M@STERPIECE") was released by Aniplex. There was also an Anzu postcard given out.
Shizuka's VA has done an interview about her recently released One For All DLC.
Megumi's VA has written a blog post about the MILLION RADIO SPECIAL PARTY 02 event.
MASTER ARTIST 3 cover song request submissions are now open (ends January 25th).
CINDERELLA MASTER Cute jewelries! 002 was released on December 31st.
Creator of the franchise, GamiP, has done a short interview with 4gamer.
To celebrate the Cinderella Girls anime's premiere, there will be three consecutive region-locked "M@GICAL NIGHT" weekly Nico streams with the CGVAs, on January 9th at 23:30 JST, January 16th at 23:30, and January 23rd at 23:30 JST.
There will be three sets of Cinderella Girls cards released on the Carddass card game system, available sometime in March.
The 9th ANNIVERSARY: WE ARE M@STERPIECE!! concert tour Blu-Ray box sets will be available on May 13th.
Going outside? Embarrass yourself in style with a genuine Uzuki, Rin or Mio T-Shirt! Then come home and relax with Rin/Uzuki/Mio blankets and towels, 765pro cushion covers, and various flexible rubber mats! Available February 2015.
Raining? Stay dry with a genuine Carnage Trio umbrella! Available June 1st.
More details about the Cinderella Girls Theater volume 1 physical release (January 27th) have been released.
Cu-Poche Chihaya has been announced.
For those curious, there was an article a little while back about the Anime Festival Asia 2014 event in Singapore, which some iM@S VAs attended and performed at.
There's some sort of in-game lottery ticket reservation thing happening for the Million Live 2ndLIVE concert.
A trademark for Cinderella Girls was filed for Arcade games in Japan on December 3rd, but this could simply be for promotional or pachinko purposes. No further details known.
A second Cinderella Girls x Gran Blue Fantasy crossover has been announced.
The iDOLM@STER Cafe at Characo in Akihabara will be holding a "Takane Birthday Festival" from January 21st to February 8th.
There will be some sort of ongoing in-game "Friday Night Fever" event for the Cinderella Girls mobage, coinciding with the airing of each anime episode.
An official SideM stream of some sort will be held on January 17th at 10PM JST.
Sayuri Hara (Mio's VA) has ominously caught the flu right before the CG anime starts airing, and thus won't be present for the M@GICAL NIGHT stream alongside episode 1's debut.

January 9th at 23:30 JST: M@GICAL NIGHT episode 1 stream with the anime voice actresses (region locked).
January 9th at 24:00 JST: Cinderella Girls anime episode 1 airs
January 16th at 23:30 JST: M@GICAL NIGHT episode 2 stream with the anime voice actresses (region locked).
January 17th at 10PM JST: Some sort of official SideM stream:
January 21st: Takane's birthday and CINDERELLA GIRLS ANIMATION PROJECT 00 ST@RTER BEST album
January 21st to February 8th: Takane Birthday Festival at The iDOLM@STER Cafe at Characo in Akihabara
January 23rd at 23:30 JST: M@GICAL NIGHT episode 3 stream with the anime voice actresses (region locked).
January 24th: Cinderella Girls appearance at the Lisani concert
January 25th: MASTER ARTIST 3 cover song request submissions close
January 27th: Cinderella Girls Theater volume 1 physical release
January 28th: LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 07 "BIRTH" and LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 08 "Mixnuts"
January 31st: CINDERELLA REAL PARTY 01 event at the Tokyo Science Museum.
January ???: Sachiko scale fig, Cinderella Girls Minicchu set 03 and GSC/Phat's 1/8 Yayoi fig
February 4th: CINDERELLA MASTER 031-035 (Fumika, Yuki, Frederica, Kanade and Nina)
February 6th to 8th: Cinderella Girls VAs appearance in Hong Kong
February 8th: Movie-version Haruka Cu-poche
February 14th: Hokuto's birthday
February 15th: The iDOLM@STER Movie BD launch party event
Feburary 25th: Chihaya's birthday
February ???: Miki scale fig, Hibiki Cu-Poche, Rin/Uzuki/Mio T-shirts and other assorted merchandise