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posted Mar 30, 2014, 11:34 PM by Jalexster   [ updated Mar 30, 2014, 11:36 PM ]
Puchimasu anime season 2 starts in less than nine hours!

Movie insert songs included on disc 2 of the "M@STERPIECE" single individually ripped under Music
Million Live frameless card pack (March 85th) updated under Million Live
Iori and Ritsuko's Shiny TV video letters uploaded under Video > Communication
LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 12 album (Yukiho, Momoko, Chizuru and Roco) ripped under Million Live
Mio Honda's [2nd Anniversary] CGCE subbed under Cinderella Girls > Miscellaneous
Cinderella Girls Cinematic Events list (March 29th) updated under Cinderella Girls > Miscellaneous
LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 11 talk tracks subbing in progress under Million Live
Puchimasu manga volume 6's bonus OVA ripped under Puchim@su!

Million Live will be present at the Lantis Festival 2014 on June 19th, June 26th and September 4th.
Yayoi's birthday occurred on March 25th. Merchandise was on sale.
The BDs with the Cinderella Girls and Million Live VA appearances at Summer Animelo 2013, were released on March 26th, as was the Cinderella Girls Radio "Dereraji" DVD volume 4.
The new Beach Queens Miki and Brilliant Stage Umi Kousaka figures are looking quite good, if you're into that sort of thing...
Official Million Live 4komas have begun running in-game.
The "Puchimasu! Kanshasai Special CD" will be released on April 18th, with talk segments and live performances from the May 2013 Puchi concert, as well as Kotori's version of "La♪La♪La♪Wonderland".
The Puchimasu anime season 2 ED album, with "Ohayo○SunShine", "Hello*Lunchtime" and "Goodnight☆Stars", will be released on May 25th.
Million Dreams Nendoroid Petit Stage 02 Box, Uzuki/Mio/Ranko/Rin Parkas and CG Can Badge Set were released on March 30th.
A new OFA article and gameplay video have appeared, showing Dearly Stars as rivals in game.
Song names for CINDERELLA MASTER 026-030 (April 30th) have been revealed: Syoko's "Dokukinoko densetsu" (composed by LindaAI-CUE), Nao's "2nd SIDE" (composed by ESTi), Karen's "Hakka", Sae's "HANAKANZASHI" (composed by IOSYS) and Yuko's "Miracle Telepathy".
The Cinderella Girls 3rd Election began on March 31st, and will run until April 18th. The winner will get a CINDERELLA MASTER single, the top 5 will get a group song together, and the top three of each type will get a unit song together. Voting is in-game and pay-per-vote.
The official OFA website has been updated with story profiles for Miki, Ritsuko, Ami and Mami.
In addition to the article mentioned above with Dearly Stars, another article and page on the official website, reveal a large amount of information about OFA's gameplay, skill system and overall structure.

April 1st: Puchimasu anime season 2 begins
April 3rd: Brain Problems Appreciation Day (Haruka's birthday)
April 5th and 6th: THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS "1stLIVE WONDERFUL M@GIC!!" concert at MAIHAMA Amphitheater (special 40-minute drama CD and "Onegai! Cinderella" SOLO REMIX album on sale)
April 18th: Puchimasu! Kanshasai Special CD (live concert album) and Cinderella Girls 3rd Election ends
April 30th: CINDERELLA MASTER 026-030 singles (Syoko, Nao, Karen, Sae and Yuko), LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 13 album (Ami, Subaru, Akane and Konomi), Brilliant Stage Takane fig, Iori/Rin/Hibiki scale figs and Chihaya figma
May 5th: Iori's birthday
May 15th: The iDOLM@STER: One For All (PS3) and Miki/Chihaya/Haruka controllers
May 22nd: Ami and Mami's birthday
May 28th: Puchimasu anime season 2 BD volume 1 and ED album
May 31st: Cu-Poche Yukiho

Come on, come on, come on, puchi puchi~