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Takatsuki Yayoi's Remodeling Challenge!

posted Mar 18, 2012, 4:12 PM by Hika Thai

Better organization for the Doujins, the tabs being: Complete, Incomplete, and Untouched.
Chapter 7 of Nemuri Hime.
Ready&Change for /a/ sings, Haruka and Chihaya Overmaster (Duet). Iori, Yayoi, and Chihaya Brand New Day (Trio), and Chihaya's Ready & Change Special Edition (Solo) under Music.
If, at that time… , 紺's Takane x Azusa comics, Yuutosei's Yayoi's Little Match Girl, Spring (Chihaya), "A manga with the sole purpose of drawing the pantsu of Iori-chan and her cheerful friends", Chihappy Birthday (Puchi), and Moon Princess under Completed Doujin.
Panda ga Ippiki's ARMADA and I'm Home, My Home under Untouched Doujin.
Storyboard Images under Artbooks/Official Art.
FLV and MKV rip of the recent live event, Event For You under Video.
/a/non's iM@S Season 2 has been updated under Miscellaneous.
TWIAO's (Dengeki G's) Special Chapter has been completed under The World Is All One!

TWIAO Chapter 8 (More in the notes.)
Rest of Dearly Stars manga
The rest of Puchim@su! (Missing Chapter 39.)
NoMakes from Jaehooney.
Translators for the PSP games. (Also more in the notes.)

Those who want to help out by translating, typesetting, or cleaning, pick up something and try your best at it, then ask for some criticism, if any is needed.
Concerning TWIAO's Chapter 8, Anonymous(s) recently purchased the magazine and the chapter inside was Chapter 8.5, Chapter 8 should be in the November issue.
Shimeji Anon's still making great progress with Makochi.
Concerning the translations of the PSP games, I would appreciate it if the translators could spend a couple of minutes or so translating some of the script.
We got a lot of things done this week, let's keep it up.