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Takatsuki Yayoi's Homework Panic Challenge!

posted Nov 18, 2012, 1:30 PM by Hika Thai

Hidebou House's BLACK&WHITE under H-Completed.
Ayasugi Tsubaki's Triple Trick Star, yuutousei's "Devil Yayoi-chan comic", and sotu's Chapter 1 of Makoto x Ryou under Non-H Completed.
Douwa-Kensetsu's BAD COMMUNICATION 14 under Untouched.
edeN and Vault That Borderline's dance MVs have been upscaled to 720p under Shiny Festa.
Chapter 3 of The iDOLM@STER.
TINY TINY HEROINE Part 1 and 2, iDLE iDOL, ぴよまこエロ合同本 - Middle Text Segment, M@MIX, Perom@s3 Part 1 and 2, MK2!バースト. Kasuga's "The Cattlemaster 3" script under Incompleted.
A translation request has been put for【アイドルマスター】ガン・スモーキー・ベイベ under Video, Miscellaneous.
D@ys of Jupiter Chapter 5 RAWs.
Ensemble! Chapter 2 under Cinderella Girls, Manga.
Colorful Days Chapter 13.
A cleaned, large poster from Ogi Star Memories under Images, Artbooks.
Session 1 of The QUESTM@STER on the Miscellaneous tab.
The vectorized version of the character stills from the MUSIC MV and more EPS files suitable for laser engraving under Images, Miscellaneous HD.


Dragon Palace
All of the doujins under Incompleted in the Mediafire folder.

ASGO's Takane and Yayoi's family
Shijou Takane no Ramen Tanbou
The Cattlemaster 3

MK2 is 2/5 cleaned. ETA Wednesday at the latest.
UTAHIMEBAKUEN 6 will be held at Mogra on the 24th of November at 1:30PM JST to 8PM:

21st of November: Eriko and Harami will be on NACK5 FM's "The Nutty Radio Show" at 8PM:
23rd of November: Miki's birthday.
24th of November: Another new CG manga in Square Enix's Big Gangan.
24th of November: The "1st /@/ll Star Live" will be held. (Same day as the Mogra, but there is a time gap in-between.)

Thank you all once again for participating and/or contributing towards the thread and Yukipo. Keep up the great work.