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Takatsuki Yayoi and Yukipo's Celebration Challenge!

posted Mar 24, 2013, 1:04 PM by Hika Thai

The scans of Hibiki and Riina (A4 clear file) under Images, Miscellaneous HD.
The 11th Cute Anthology under Cinderella Girls, Comic Anthologies.
Nemuri Hime's Extra Stage 2.
Mami's Challenge Corner from the Namassuka Special 04 on the Translated Drama CDs/NoMakes tab.
The updated card pack for Cinderella Girls under CG, Miscellaneous.
Winter Coat Yayo and Miurasan (and the cleans) under Miscellaneous, Shimeji.
Watashi wa Idol, upscaled to 720p under Shiny Festa.
The weekly compiled episodes of 55-59 and Week 12 of the VA recap under Puchim@su!
Cuniculus' Futari no Burst Appeal under H-Completed.
久林丼/オムチキン's Ganaha Hibiki no aidoru katsudou nankurunai! under Non-H Completed. (Has been retypeset.)

A typesetter for the iDOLM@STER's Chapter 6.
Please check the Incomplete Tab and the current requests in the thread.


Somewhat alphabetized anonP's Shimejis.
The preview for the upcoming "Onegai! Cinderella" album (April 10th) has been uploaded:
The eleventh session of the iM@S Fantasy Quest has been delayed two more weeks.

25th of March: Yayoi's birthday. Celebration stream will be held at 5PM EST on the 24th.
27th of March: Miki/Afuu and Yukiho/Yukipo's Puchimasu Twelve Seasons albums, Puchimasu manga volume 5 (+ DVD bundle), Puchimasu anime BD volume 1, Cinderella Girls Dereraji DVD volume 2, The iDOLM@STER manga volume 1 (+ CD bundle) and Colorful Days volume 3.
31st of March: Angelic Island Yayoi figure, Brilliant Stage Princess Melody Azusa figure and Cinderella Girls Rubber Strap Cool Box.

Thank you all once again for contributing and/or participating towards the threads and Yukipo. Have a nice one.