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Shijou Takane's Secret Expedition

posted Mar 10, 2012, 11:02 PM by Hika Thai   [ updated Mar 11, 2012, 10:59 PM ]

Ritsuko's Biggest Fan, 仲間だもんねっ! (Because We're Friends!), Lovely Dress That Suits You, Seicross Comic, bkub iM@S and a short Iori x Azusa (preview only) in Doujin tab.
iDre@m M@ster, an iM@S 2009 Fanbook that is looking for TL, in Doujin tab.
Puchim@su! Chapter 38.
P-san transparent, may need some looking over with compatibility issues. (Images look weird when posted.)
Aice5 (Chiaki Takahashi tab.)

Typesetter for Spring doujin.
Rest of Dearly Stars manga.
The rest of Puchim@su! (Still missing Chapter 39.)
More NoMakes from Jaehooney.
Translators for Project SP. (The PSP games.)
More VA Discography.

There can never be too many typesetters or cleaners. If you're wanting experience or to help out, speak up or pick something up (a random doujin or manga) and present it in the thread to get some criticism (if any).
Translation of Colorful Days 01 has been completed.
Translation of TWIAO's Festival G special chapter has begun, shortly after chapter 8 will begin after that.
No stream from Jaehooney until March 17th.
Shimeji Anon is making steady progress with Makochi.
Anon(s?) recently purchased Dengeki G's magazines (12/2011, 02/2012, 03/2012, and 04/2012)
A tiny push for the translation of Project SP?
There will be a live event next Tuesday at 10PM Japan time, featuring Numakura, Hara and Asakura (