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Ryuuguu Komachi's Interview Challenge!

posted Sep 23, 2012, 10:18 PM by Hika Thai   [ updated Sep 24, 2012, 1:42 PM ]

Kuroge Yagyu's Going my Ue He under Completed.
Yuutosei's ひとりではできないこと, Pornostar's satellite glitch, and ASGO's Shijou Takane no Ramen Tanbou and Nekomata's Natsuiro Yuugi under Untouched.
P@ranoia M@ster, a novelmaster series wanting a translation under Video, Miscellaneous.
Shisotex's set from NoNoWire under Music.
The cleans for Colorful Days Chapter 13.
Some Chihaya gameplay, where she cheers you (The Producer) up, under Video, Communication.
The second volume of Aka Fugo under Images, Artbooks/Official Art.
kusoppachi's Azusa Shimeji under Miscellaneous, Shimeji.
Some comics from the earlier threads in Incompleted. Panda ga Ippiki's ARMADA and Ayasugi Tsubaki's Triple Trick Star (said to have a typesetter) also under Incompleted.
Chapter 2.3 RAWs (Ranko's Arc) under Cinderella Girls, Manga.
Namassuka TGS2012 for download and Niconico under Video, Love Action/VA Events.
A 9th CG comic pack (using the same link, it has been updated) under Cinderella Girl, Comic.
A 720 version of the Puchim@su! anime, Nemurihime fanmade PV, and The full PV for "Vault That Borderline" under Video, Miscellaneous.
An updated link (the third version) for the Kana table wallpapers on the Images tab.

A typesetter for some comics, which have been translated.
Incomplete and Untouched categories.

Moved Jupiter ~The Idolm@ster~ from Ongoing to the Untouched column on the Status page.
Replaced the dead link for the 5th Anniversary version of L・O・B・M with another link.
Namassuka Special 02 said to be picked up, as in translating the talk tracks.
A non-broadcast Puchimasu anime was confirmed: + (Video also in 720p.)
Translation of "Please Stop It Mai-san!" episode 1 has resumed:
26th of September: The third ANIM@TION MASTER Namassuka Special album featuring Ritsuko, Yayoi and Producer.
Late September: iDOLM@STER anime fanbook, containing staff and VA interviews, etc.
A status update on all Translators, Cleaners, and typesetters. It would be nice to hear from everyone to check up how they're doing.
Thank you all once again for contributing and/or participating towards the thread and the site. Keep up the hard work.