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posted Aug 17, 2015, 2:18 AM by Jalexster
Feelin' better.


Million Live
Million Live Backstage 4koma chapter 5 typeset
Backstage 4koma chapters 5 to 11 translated scripts
2nd Anniversary comic (by Mizuki) translated
Million Comic Theater 4koma translated
Million Live manga chapter 4 typeset
Platinum Star Live Eternal Harmony episode 9 translated
765pro National Caravan season 3 voicemails
Sayoko's 765pro National Caravan commu
Konomi's drunken 765pro National Caravan voicemail translated
Million Live seiyuu/VA guide translated
LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION Vol.02 ripped in high quality MP3
765pro National Caravan textmails translated (August 12th to 16th)

Other Game Translations
iDOLM@STER 1 translation/hacking materials on have been moved from Miscellaneous to Other Game Translations, and the August 6th, 12th and 16th translation progress has been added.

Cinderella Girls > Comics
A rare Cinderella Girls comic by Akane (Puchimasu manga author) translated/typeset

Cinderella Girls > Songs/Talk Tracks

Pierre/Minori's mini-manga translated/typeset

Doujin and Pixiv Comics > Raw
兎に角牛's Miku non-H doujin "凛チャンはPチャンのことどう思う?"
ARANCIO TELA's Ranko/Kanako onsen non-H doujin "温泉に入るだけ。"
ぐらぐる's Yuriko non-H doujin "ONLY MY LETTERS"

Manga > The iDOLM@STER
The iDOLM@STER mana manga chapter 20 typeset
The iDOLM@STER mana manga side story 4 translated script

Manga > Puchim@su!
Puchimasu chapters 80 and 81 translated/typeset

Menelkir's multi-part iDOLM@STER music collection updated (August 15th)
The "M@STERPIECE & 10th Anniversary Mix" CD

Magic Hour 17 (Miho, Kaoru, Chie, Momoka) has been translated.
The "M@STERPIECE & 10th Anniversary Mix", "Nation Sapphire Android" and "LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION Vol.02" CDs are now available for post-concert limited preorder.
SideM badges are now available at Namco/Sega's Game Center stores across japan.
The iDOLM@STER x Girl's Tank Battalion swimsuit crossover campaign ended on August 11th.
The AsteriskのØωØver SHOWROOM program was broadcast on August 11th.
The Million Live "Heroine General Election" mail-in poll will be held to determine which three Million Live idols (excluding Mirai, Shizuka, Tsubasa and the original 13) will be the star of an upcoming bonus chapter of the Million Live manga in Gessan Magazine on November 12th. Voting closes on September 12th.
Million Live manga volume 2 was released on August 12th. The normal edition included an illustration of Shizuka by Nishigori. The limited edition included a drama CD. Both the normal and limited editions included a voting token for the Million Live Heroine General Election.
Newtype's October issue (September 10th) will contain an iDOLM@STER feature.
The latest results for one of those in-store sticker polls have been released.
Store-exclusive bonuses for MILLION RADIO! DJCD volume 1 (August 26th) have been revealed.
Toy Works' Cinderella Girls clips will go on sale in November.
Phat's Takane 1/8 BD scale fig has been delayed from August 18th, to sometime in September.
Cinderella Girls anime episode 18 aired on August 14th. No new voices. This week's bonus in-game gift is SR+ Anzu Futaba.
CG NoMake 18 (Karen, Nao, Mio) and Magic Hour 18 (Sae, Ayame, Nina, Tamami) are now available.
CG NoMake 18 (Karen, Nao, Mio) has been translated.
Magic Hour 18 (Sae, Ayame, Nina, Tamami) has been translated.
Cinderella Girls has refined its in-game breast jiggle physics.
CINDERELLA GIRLS ANIMATION PROJECT 2nd Season 02 has been announced for September 23rd, featuring "私色ギフト" and "Heart Voice".
Megahouse's 1/10 scale "Sekai Seifuku Sakusen" Rin figure was released on August 15th.
The SideM ST@RTING LINE -03 Beit and -04 High×Joker launch event occurred on August 16th.
Comiket 88 occurred from August 14th to 16th. iDOLM@STER merchandise was on sale, including a a big Cinderella Girls Candy Island towel at Goo Goo Dept.'s booth, and a muffler from Lawson.
The region-locked LIVE is DREAMING! stream was held on August 16th with Mirai, Shizuka, Tsubasa, Umi and Anna's VAs.
MILLION LIVE! 2ndLIVE ENJOY H@RMONY!! concert BDs will be released on December 16th.
Miyako, Koharu, Yukimi, Mai, Hina and Sarina are confirmed to be officially unloved.
A multi-part interview with the Cinderella Girls anime production staff in spoon.2Di magazine has been translated by MyAnimeList.

August 7th to 19th: SideM in-game election lottery
July 22nd to August 19th: 10th ANNIVERSARY iDOLM@STER x Tekken crossover campaign
August 12th to 21st: Cinderella Girls x Granblue Fantasy fourth crossover
July 21st to August 25th: One For All DLC Catalog 8 discount
July 1st to August 30th: Cinderella Girls campaign at Good Smile x animate cafes in Akihabara and Nihonbashi Osaka
July 4th to August 31st: iDOLM@STER promotion at Karaoke Adores in Akihabara
August 1st to 31st: The iDOLM@STER Mobile-i summer campaign
August 12th to September 12th: Million Live Heroine General Election
July 7th to September ???: Crane King/Ichiban Kuji iDOLM@STER Web Radio Lottery with Kirari's VA

August 21st at midnight: Cinderella Girls anime episode 19
August 21st: Bushiroad's Shirokuro Festival (765pro Minichara cards released)
August 22nd to September 8th: Makoto's Birthday Festival at The iDOLM@STER Cafe at Characo in Akihabara
August 22nd: SideM SPECIAL ST@GE ~はじめまして!オレたち315!!~ stage event at Makuhari Messe
August 23rd: Cinderella Girls SUMMER FESTIV@L 2015 concert at the Osaka International Convention Center
August 26th: iDOLM@STER MILLION RADIO! DJCD volume 1 (including MILLION RADIO! SPECIAL PARTY 02 concert BDs)
August 27th: Cinderella Girls anime manga begins in ComicREX, Cinderella Girls anime BD volume 4 and Cinderella Girls G4U volume 4 released
August 28th to 30th: Animelo Summer Live 2015 concert at Saitama Super Arena (iDOLM@STER VAs attending)
August 28th at midnight: Cinderella Girls anime episode 20
August 29th: Makoto's birthday
August ???: Phat's Ranko Kanzaki Anniversary Princess Ver. scale fig, Phat's 1/8 scale BD Iori and Yayoi figure rereleases, SideM and Cinderella Girls bags and shirts by Acos, Kotobukiya's 1/8 scale Anzu figure, Cinderella Girls pocket watches and wristwatches and New Generations T-Shirts