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Otonashi Kotori's Not-so-lonely Expedition!

posted Apr 8, 2012, 10:19 AM by Hika Thai   [ updated Apr 8, 2012, 10:30 AM ]

Murasakisakana's 2nd Month, 3rd Month, NGMYU's Ryun Ryun, and ID:[OL]M@STER under Completed Doujins.
More links of the ACE 2012 Tikitiki Cup, ACE iM@S Special Live Stage, and Animelo Summer Live 2011 under Live Action/VA Events. (Notes)
A Pixiv Comics category. (Notes)
Innocent Blue and Splash Red chapters (RAWs and have been completed) under Dearly Stars.
Master Artist 02, Haruka Subs under Translated Drama CD.
TL request of ため(TMP)'s "春香さんおめでとう記念】ずっと2人で・・・". (All 199 pages) under Untouched Pixiv Comics.
The final part of White Day under Incompleted Doujins, along with it's script.
First Step Show Time! Super☆Star, Break Volume 4, the collection of various remixes and medlys on NicoNico and Youtube, and the 8BIT iDOLM@STER Best Album under Music.
BD Covers of Volumes 1-6 and reorganized under Artbooks/Official Art.
Anonymous' G4U pictures of Azusa, Chihaya, and Hibiki, with also 333 pictures of Ritsuko on the Images tab.
An Untranslated Drama CDs category, with BD Volume 6's Producer Drama CD.
Another link in Asami Shimoda's Discography.
More tabs under the Video category, Communication and MAD.
The latest CG card pack (445 cards) and the recent comic pack under Cinderella Girls category.
Puchim@su! Chapter 44 under Puchim@su!
Chapter 8.5, 10, 11, 12, and 13 RAWs of TWIAO.
A Chihaya skit (Gero Gero Kitchen) from the stream has been added under Video.

The missing chapters of Puchim@su! (Chapter 39, 41, 42, 43?)
Your Mess@ge chapters. (IIRC, a guy was soloing it)
No-makes from Jaehooney.

The Live Action/VA Events really needs some organization.
From the Completed Doujin tab, if there's any pixiv comics in there, please point it out so I can move it to the correct location.
Asami Imai's ARTERY VEIN is on preorder.