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Operation Yukipo

posted Mar 17, 2013, 6:49 PM by Frank East   [ updated Mar 17, 2013, 7:18 PM ]
We need to rally our forces to save our leader from the clutches of evil i.e. work.


The compiled episodes for 50-54, week 11 of the Weekly Recap, Iori/Io's Character CD under Puchim@su.
Million Live card pack updated to all current cards, a mule list and some background images added under Million Live.
Namassuka Special 04's Opening talk and Haruka's Challenge Corner under Translated Drama CDs/NoMakes.
S-FORCE's HARA-M@S under H-Completed.
Chapter 11 of Neue Green under Manga/Dearly Stars.
Cute Anthology Story 3 script under Cinderella Girls/Comic Anthologies.
Go My Way!! upscale under Shiny Festa.
Chapter 55 under Manga/Puchim@su.


A summary of the Megami interviews for the movie.

Some cleaning/typesetting jobs to claim:
ASGO's full color H-doujin "Shijou Takane no Ramen Tanbou": (raw) + (script)
atelier maruwa's full color Makoto H doujin "奥さまはiDOL -菊地真編-": (raw) + (script)
S-Force's Makoto H-doujin "Mega Mako": (raw and script)
Lemlaml's non-H doujin "Puchikakka 3": (raw) + (script)
CG Cute Anthology's third and fifteenth stories: (raws) + (story 3) + (story 15)


Happy birthday Yukipo.
TWIAO Chapters 20.5 and 223 scanned in LQ.