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Namassuka Sunday's Cooperation Challenge!

posted Jul 1, 2012, 12:40 PM by Hika Thai

Mingosu's translated blog post is under Voice Actor, Asami Imai.
A few HD Puchim@su!
Innocent Blue's Chapter 13 has been rescanned, cleaned, and rescaled.
Colorful Day's Chapter 7 Script, it is ready for proofreading.
A Nico Nico Douga playlist including a specific move from the near end of "Kyun! Vampire Girl"'s dance routine under Video, Miscellaneous. Labeled as "Butt shaking".
A few requests under Miscellaneous, Requests.
A pack of unsorted, translated Pixiv Comics under Completed. (Still has their IDs intact.)
らーめん (大石コウ)'s I'm Sorry Yayoi, ある日の風景 あふぅ~系 from Laburey's, Chinkuru's King of Doting Parents, Murasakisakana's April 10th, and 慧@3日目東ル23a's HaraNu Book under Completed.
The CDJapan link to Mingosu's Limited Love (Single) under Voice Actor, Asami Imai.
The CDJapan link to Asapon's awake (Single) under Voice Actor, Asami Shimoda.
The Takane (Wearing the Gerogero Kitchen prop) HD request has been completed and is under Miscellaneous HD.
A G4U "Unique Poses" pack on the Images tab.
Byousatsu Tanukidan's IORIST PANIC under Untouched.
Volume 9's BD Cover (Which is currently being worked on to remove the bind.) and the photos of the Key Art 04 under Artbooks/Official Art.

Most things under the Request tab (which just contains images that were requested to be HD) and the Untouched tab.

Puchimasu chapter 48 should be uploaded soon along with two more chapters of Colorful Days.
The Completed tab now has bolded Artists.
Shouta's Shimeji had a dead link.
VA Discography changed to Voice Actor.
Created a Reseed tab under Miscellaneous, if you have the time, please seed the link/s that are in there.
Concerning Mingosu's blog post, from the reactions I have read, please prepare some tissues or an umbrella.
We have recently gotten a few new members that are going to help handle the site.
Thank you once again for participating and/or contributing to and in the threads, keep up the good work everyone.