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Namassuka Revolution!

posted Feb 5, 2012, 9:47 PM by Dakimakura chan   [ updated Feb 6, 2012, 4:42 PM ]

iDOLM@STER Character Fanbook to misc.
New page for Your Message if someone chooses to pick that up. (Not sure if it's translated already, if it is, I'll add the translated one.)
New page for Xenoglossia manga. Same for above, just if someone wants to pick it up.
Colorful days chapters from Dec 2011, thanks to the anon who scanned them.

Rest of DS raws.
Colorful days raws.
Nemuri Hime Ch.6

Translator and someone to sub the NH Drama CD.
Translator for puchim@su 4koma.
Translator and TS for Non-H chihaya doujin.
More image folders, fan artbooks, G4U folders, etc.

More things to take note of
Still need people for SP translation.
Might make an Image page and Music page.
Misc needs more organization, no idea how to go about this.
More kanji walls.
BD DVD Comparisons
Looks like jaehoony still hasn't updated his mediafire. (Some more translated Drama CD's might be fun...)
These novels look nice: