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Minase Iori's Can't Hide From Haruka Lantern Challenge

posted Apr 22, 2012, 9:22 AM by Hika Thai   [ updated Apr 22, 2012, 1:33 PM ]

Compilation of Hibiki's songs from the SP game and the Doujin CD, Sweet Heart, under Music.
An iM@S OPED Parody pastern link under Video -> MAD.
Chapter 7 of Splash Red.
NicoRadio (Eriko/Mayako/Hiromi, then Akiko/Azumi/Harami) and NovelsM@ster stuff under Live Action/VA Events.
A Songs tab under Cinderella Girls, which has the Master songs, a vocal boosted,  and an acapella version of the five girls.
Signed G4U pictures on the Images tab.
A mediafire link to Laburey's Non-H donjons and a clean version of the pixiv comic that has been around for a while due to translation problems under Untouched.
The Drama CDs for the five Cinderella Girls have been added with a viewing and downloading link under Cinderella Girls -> Drama CDs.
Updated and revised the links on the Cinderella Girls' Comics tab.
Rin Shibuya, 3-14 White Day, and the 4komas by Harawata Saizou under Completed.
TWIAO Chapter 8.5 under The World Is All One!

Scripts for Splash Red and Innocent Blue (Chapter 9).
Other Puchim@su! Chapters. (Notes)

I have combined the Doujin and Pixiv categories (and all of the tabs) for easier navigation.
I took out duplicate links in the Live Action/VA Events category.
Neue Green has resumed progress after some technical problems.
Regarding Puchim@su! chapters, Anon Black has come down with a slight illness, but when he recovers, he will scan the chapters for us.
Chokaigi/Super NicoNico Party on the 28th and 29th.

Thank you to everyone that has participated and contributed to the threads and the completion of the materials.