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Minase Iori and Takatsuki Yayoi's Fan-drawing Challenge!

posted Aug 12, 2012, 4:57 PM by Hika Thai

The 1st Anniversary Live and the 6th Anniversary Live performance of Kimi wa Melody under Videos, Live Action/VA Events.
Wata=Do・Chinkuru's "魂の叫び" under Untouched.
Two batches of the Cinderella Girls Drama CDs.
Colorful Days Chapter 9 and 10 scripts, both have been proofread.
The Cinderella Master 006 - 010 pack with another Acapella pack under Cinderella Girls, Songs.
THE iDOLM@STER SP alternate covers.
Created an Instructions tab under THE iDOLM@STER SP.
Yukiho and Makoto's G4U Introduction (Subbed) under Video, Communication.
Anzu Arc's Chapter 2 and Rika Arc's Chapter 1 under Cinderella Girls, Manga.
The compilation video of CHANGE!!! under Video, Compilation.
A writeup of how Haruka evolved into Harukaka on the Miscellaneous category.
The standard PS3 cover of The iDOLM@STER 2 under Images, Artbooks/Official Art.
The World is All One's Chapter 17 RAWs.
Break's Chapter 24 and 25 RAWs, with that, Break is completely scanned.
The latest Card Pack and an updated version (with Karen) of Eve and Ranko cards under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
Innocent Blue's Chapter 15 rescans in 1073x1600 and in 2850x4250.

A translator for "トリプル・トリック・スター", a non-H doujin that has already been cleaned.
Translation and/or summary of Asapon's writeup of the 7th Anniversary Live is still requested

ため's "One's Own Path" is currently being typesetted.
Chihayasan, the NicoNico video comic, is being translated and typesetted at a smooth pace.
Various preorder bonuses for Shiny Festa have been revealed:
Jupiter manga starting dates have been revealed. "Jupiter ~THE IDOLM@STER~" in Hana to Yume on the 20th of August, "DAYS OF Jupiter ~THE IDOLM@STER~" in Hana to Yume Online on the 24th of August, and "ジュピターさん ~THE IDOLM@STER~" in The Hana to Yume sometime in September.