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Kisaragi Chihaya's Top Ido-AOIIIIII TORIIIIIII's Challenge

posted Jun 10, 2012, 3:06 PM by Hika Thai

The mediafire folder for Margoto iM@S For You under Artbooks/Official Art.
taisaku's "Kisaragi Chihaya, Master of Aoi Tori", 梅本制作委員会's "Sadness, Hello", Junpuumanpandou's Love For You! and Murasakisakana's April 3rd under Completed.
kusopacchi's Yayoi Shimeji.
Chapter 47 of Puchim@su!
The (mostly) Chihaya sound pack for general computer alerts under Miscellaneous.
The mylist link for the massive iDOLM@STER and Date Masamune crossover under Video.
Innocent Blue's Chapter 13 RAWs under Dearly Stars.
Colorful Days Chapter 3 and Chapter 4's revised script.
Jaehooney's G4U Wedding Dress Pack on the Images tab.
Syado's Aimasu Terrow Newspaper and taisekikou's Little MARCH Girl under Untouched.

(We have emptied out the Incompleted tab, but the Untouched tab still has several things.)

The Yukiho x Mami pixiv comic moved under 大森林's name under Completed.
Updated the links for kusopacchi's Shimejis.
I have the title images for some manga tabs, they will be put in soon.
The "Choco" pixiv was bring translated and typesetter.
Thank you once again for participating in translating, typesetting, cleaning, reading, and/or lurking the threads.