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Kisaragi Chihaya's Birthday Celebration Challenge!

posted Feb 24, 2013, 12:05 PM by Hika Thai

梅本制作委員会 's canis minor and 大森林's step under Non-H Completed.
Several of the Namassuka Special Tracks/Challenges have been translated on the Translated Drama CDs/NoMakes tab.
The pack for Puchim@su! Episodes 35-39, the previews for Azusa, Makoto, Iori, and Hibiki's Puchim@su Character songs, and the recent Weekly Recaps and the VA talk segments all under Puchim@su!
TWIAO's Chapter 20, under Manga, The World is All One!
Puchim@su!'s Volume 4 Extras under Manga, Puchim@su!
Story 6 of the Cool Anthology under Cinderella Girls, Comic Anthology.
Chapter 3 of Rockin' Girl under Cinderella Girls, Manga.
Next Life, Me Ga Au Toki, and Yakusoku's MVs have been cleaned on the Shiny Festa tab.
Afuu, Summer Afuu, and Swimsuit Chihya Shimejis under Miscellaneous, Shimeji.
ramen (taisekikou)'s Mami Milk under H-Completed.
桜海きら/Ambivalence's "空と青と鳥の風景"
柚子鉄線/E-lse's "アイドルの虜 夜も一緒に発声練習!?" and S-FORCE's "HARA-M@S" under Untouched.

The summary of the 8th Session of the iM@S Fantasy Quest.
Please check the Incomplete Tab.

The two Chihaya pixiv comics have been cleaned and said to have a Translator in the current thread.
The Namassuka Special Tracks/Challenges are being translated at a smooth pace.

25th of February: Chihaya's birthday
27th of February: Azusa/Miurasan and Makoto/Makochii's Puchimasu Twelve Seasons character song CD.
3rd of March: Touma's birthday

Thank you all once again for participating and/or contributing towards the threads and Yukipo. Have a nice week.