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Kikuchi Makoto's Amusement Park Expedition

posted Jun 18, 2012, 10:39 PM by Hika Thai

kusoppachi's Shimejis have been updated with new ones, Koharuka, Iori, Takane, and P-San.
瀬門ちまき's Amatou Shimeji.
ACM's Kiramekirari and Yukiho's Do-Dai under Remix/Mashup.
Chapter 11 of Break.
セバス紫's Valentine's Day and tamakuro's Which is A-Mami under Completed.
Part Four and Five of THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Album under Artbooks/Official Art.
Chapter 4 of Colorful Days, Chapter 5's Script, and Volume 1's Omake Script.
A HD Harukasan under HD Puchim@su!
Jikomanzoku's A White Doll and My First Stage, and Atelier Maruwa Yukiho under Untouched.
Chapter 7 of Nemuri Hime has been redone.
Chapter 7 of Neue Green under Dearly Stars.
Another Alliteration Anonymous' G4U Pack on the Images tab.
Created a Miscellaneous category under Video, which has the Let's Play iM@S2, the TL request for the massive cross over, the alternate 500MB video for the livestream with the chat of Episode 26, and the Yayoi G4U intro.
The World Is All One!'s Chapter 15 RAWs.

More remixes/Mashups for it's category.
As always, the Untouched tab still has things.

Images have been added for some of the Manga categories.
I removed the various links for the Puchim@su! Chapters and put in K's mediafire folder to replace it.
CG pack has been updated.
I think an Anonymous has said to translate the Jikomanzoku's donjins.