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Jacking Off Pedometer Charren-ji!

posted Mar 3, 2012, 11:44 PM by Hika Thai   [ updated Mar 4, 2012, 2:49 PM ]

VA Discography tab.
Yukiho and Mami's completed doujin.
Nemuri Hime's Chapter 5 has been found and added.
A pack of G4U pictures from February 10th to March 2nd.
Key Frame Book Volume 1 (Pictures only) and Volume 2.
More ending cards.
Puchim@su! Chapter 40 RAWs (Has been cleaned, no link available yet)
The scripts for Chapter 6, 9, and 10 of Nemuri Hime.
Video tab has been updated with various things. (The live version of Namassuka Sunday, birthday of Eri, Brand New Day (pastebin, has different versions), Eri's Precog and Shiny Smile, and Domelola's 3A07 videos.

Typesetter for Spring doujin, which has been cleaned and translated, both located here.
Rest of Dearly Stars manga.
The rest of Puchim@su! (It seems we missed Chapter 39.)
More NoMakes from Jaehooney.
Translators for Project SP. (The PSP games.)
TWIAO Chapter 8 RAWs.

No stream from Jaehooney until March 17th.
Your Mess@ge Anon has taken up the manga himself.
Shimeji Anon is working on Makochii and Takanya (?).
New DLC catalog was released, Eri is available.
I'd like to thank everyone who's supported everyone along the way and contributed anything and everything. Keep it up.