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It's not May anymore

posted May 31, 2015, 4:21 PM by Jalexster
At least, it's not where I am.


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One For All DLC Catalog 13 (featuring New Generations' "Star!!")

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Latest Cinderella Girls Cinematic Events list (June 1st)

One For All DLC Catalog 13 (featuring New Generations' "Star!!") was released on May 26th.
The PV and cover for Cinderella Girls G4U volume 4 (August 27th) have been released.
Rin, Takane and Tsubasa will participate in the iDOLM@STER promotion for the ARROWS NX F-04G smartphone.
The official website for Atsushi Nishigori's "Telegenic" artbook (June 30th) is now open.
Hey kid, wanna get distracted while driving? Attach one of these new Cinderella Girls decals to your rearview mirror! Available July.
Koume's CINDERELLA MASTER drama track has been translated.
Merchandise for the CINDERELLA REAL PARTY 02 event at Yamano Hall (June 13th) has been announced.
A video of an AmiMami cake shrine at Anime North 2015 in Toronto, which Asapon attended.
The members for the next season of the Million Live "765pro National Caravan" campaign have been revealed.
Previews for the previously announced LIVE THE@TER COLLECTION Vol.1 -765PRO ALLSTARS- compilation album (June 24th) have been released.
MASTER ARTIST 3 07/08/09 Chihaya/Mami/Yukiho have been announced for July 8th, along with the full tracklistings.
2011 anime NoMake+! 7 (Producer, Ami, Iori) and Magic Hour Special 7 (Miku, Riina) have been uploaded.
The Million Live "Enjoy Enjoy Harmony" in-game campaign (and makeshift popularity poll) is now running from May 29th to June 7th.
Rie Kugimiya's (Iori's VA) birthday occurred on May 30th.
Ritsuko's Birthday Festival will be held at The iDOLM@STER Cafe at Characo in Akihabara from June 20th to July 5th.
Cinderella Girls will be showcased at the CharaExpo 2015 in Singapore on June 20th/21st.
The Pasela Resorts x Cinderella Girls collaboration and the 10th ANNIVERSARY concert ticket web lottery ended on May 31st.
The Miki scale fig, LIVE THE@TER SOLO COLLECTION Vol.1 online sale, Kotobukiya Cinderella Girls rubber straps, cycle jerseys based on the movie, the last Cinderella Girls Prize Figures, and Cinderella Girls posters and minicchu mousepads/keychains, were all released or occurred sometime in May.
Store-exclusive bonuses for the SideM ST@RTING LINE -03 Beit and -04 High×Joker albums (July 22nd) have been announced.
I'm not entirely sure what this is about, but... Chiaking (Azusa's VA) is putting out an "18 Tsutomutoshi Festival" DVD on August 7th.
Magic Hour Special 7 (Miku, Riina) has been translated.
Anna's VA has done a blog post about Anna's birthday.
There's been a wave of takedowns on YouTube, which has knocked a few channels offline. Whenever possible, use Nico Nico Douga.

May 22nd to June 7th: AmiMami's Birthday Festival at The iDOLM@STER Cafe at Characo in Akihabara
May 29th to June 7th: Million Live "Enjoy Enjoy Harmony" campaign/makeshift popularity poll
April 28th to June 30th: Taiko no Tatsujin x iDOLM@STER collaboration

June 1st: Carnage Trio Umbrellas
June 2nd at 21:00 JST: MASTER ARTIST 3 launch stream with Haruka, Azusa, Yukiho, Hibiki and Takane's VAs
June 3rd: MASTER ARTIST 3 04/05/06 Miki/Iori/Takane albums
June 3rd to July 2nd: "99 Nights" remix version download available
June 10th: CINDERELLA PARTY! でれぱDEないと をきかないと!! ~あかるくせいそにかわいくきよく~ album featuring the "Derepa DE Night" theme song
June 11th: "Maji de...!?" released for Taiko no Tatsujin
June 13th: CINDERELLA REAL PARTY 02 event at Yamano Hall
June 15th: Yukata Takane fig
June 20th/21st: CharaExpo 2015 in Singapore (Cinderella Girls attending)
June 20th to July 5th: Ritsuko's Birthday Festival at The iDOLM@STER Cafe at Characo in Akihabara
June 23rd: Ritsuko's birthday
June 25th: Ai's birthday, Million Live Comic Anthology volume 2, Cinderella Girls anime BD volume 2 and Cinderella Girls G4U volume 2
June 28th: Cinderella Girls "Dereraji A" radio live recording at Omiya Sonic City Great Hall
June 30th: Atsushi Nishigori's "Telegenic" artbook
June ???: Phat's Ranko Kanzaki "Anniversary Princess Ver." scale fig, Takane 1/8 scale fig, Hibiki Cu-Poche, Movie T-shirts and Microfiber Sports Towels, Cinderella Girls mugs/tote bags/mini-pillows, and another set of Cinderella Girls rubber straps