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Hoshii Miki's Missing Onigiri Expedition!

posted May 6, 2012, 9:50 AM by Hika Thai


Asami Imai's Hasta la Vista under her tab of VA Discography.
Puchim@su! RAWs Chapter 42 and 43. Chapter 41 of it is completed.
Perfect Idol 04 under Music.
Chou-Denpa-Hankyuusho, Day 2 of Chokaigi, and the Super Gamesong Live under Live Action/VA Events.
tamakuro's "冬のアイマスコピ本"'s TL request under Untouched.
Hanamaru Report, kasha's The Cattlemaster, Winter Garden and Happy Ice cream by Shuu☆Kazuki under Completed.
Key Art Collection and the cover for Volume 7 of the BD under Artbooks/Official Art.
The ending cards for Episode 20 (Ritsuko) have been scanned in somewhat low quality under Endings.
Re.Member under Chiaki Takahashi's tab of VA Discography.
TWIAO's Chapter 9, 10, and 11.
Colorful Days Chapters 2 and 12 RAWs, with chapter 7's script.
Master Artist for Iori under Translated Drama CDs.
A G4U pack has been uploaded for Iori's birthday on the Images tab.
The video links for Iori's birthday provided by Jae's stream on the Video tab.

Scripts for Splash Red, Innocent Blue, Colorful Days, and Puchim@su!
A link for the (if completed, it was still being worked on.) 765Pro and A Dog.
A TS for the Idol-man comics in the Incompleted tab.

Removed all the youtube links that lead to the CG girl's songs and the Drama CDs (due to Youtube taking them off.)
Another Anonymous taking their shot at Lovely Flower.
Puchim@su! Chapter 18-A is still missing a page.
Steady progress on Shimeji's Makochi and Piyopiyo. Piyopiyo is floating instead of normally walking.
No signs of the wiki shutting down, so the SP logs are safe, which are still having slow, but smooth progress.
TL requests are piling in slowly under Untouched.
Thank you all for participating and contributing to the thread and the products of iM@S.