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Ganaha Hibiki's Rise to Top Idol Challenge!

posted Oct 7, 2012, 3:53 PM by Hika Thai   [ updated Oct 7, 2012, 3:56 PM ]

Nekomataya's Natsuiro Yuugi under Completed.
A mixed pack of transparents and several packs of Novelm@ster portraits on the Images tab.
Created a category for Other Game Translations.
Asami Imai's Hasta La Vista and Limited Love album, under Voice Actor.
Another link for Yurika Ochiai, under Voice Actor.
Cinderella Girl's Shuffle!! Chapter 3.1.
The first episode of "Please Stop It Mai-san!"'s sub file and RAW video under Video, Miscellaneous.
The 7th episode of Hibiki's route in iDOLM@STER 2 under Video, Communication.
Chapter 2 of The iDOLM@STER.
Chapter 18 of The World Is All One!

Typesetting of Panda ga Ippiki's "ARMADA" and Ayasugi Tsubaki's "Triple Trick Star" Update.
Incomplete and Untouched tabs.

Hibiki's birthday is on the 10th, a stream is said to be held on the 13th.
Jupiter's TL/Typesetter is working at a smooth pace, with an ETA around next week.
Red.Scarlet.Dots will be working on D@ys of Jupiter and I will be looking out for updates, as long as linking the RAWs, if possible.
Renamed the titles for Cinderella Girl's Shuffle!!

Famitsu have done a writeup of the Shiny Festa OVA preview on the 7th:
6th to 8th of October: At 11:30AM JST on the 6th, 3PM JST on the 7th and 11:30AM on the 8th, Machi☆Asobi will host unstreamed iDOLM@STER stages with Mingosu, Harami, Eriko, Akiko and Azumin (varies by day). They will show sneak previews of the Shiny Festa OVAs.
13th of October: Re:animation 4 will be held. Kami, Hiromi and Akiko will be present.
16th of October: iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia English episodes 1-13.
17th of October: The fourth ANIM@TION MASTER Namassuka Special album featuring Haruka, Makoto and Mami.

Thank you all once again for participating and/or contributing. Keep up the hard work.