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Ganaha Hibiki and Kisaragi Chihaya's Escape Scamco's Debt Collectors Challenge!

posted Nov 25, 2012, 4:04 PM by Hika Thai   [ updated Nov 25, 2012, 4:10 PM ]

Both MVs for "The World Is All One" and the DLC for Shiny Festa.
Chapter 4.2 of Shuffle!
A HD image of Hibiki and the Music Notes from MUSIC under Miscellaneous HD.
Some pages from The BACKSTAGE M@STER about Episode 13 under Images, Artbooks.
The cover and booklet for Namassuka Special 05 under Images, Official Art.
Twin Stars Script and Cleans, said to be claimed under Incompleted.
CG Radio 1 and 2 under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
RikaON/宇宙猫軍団's GANAHA Style, S-14's M@MIX and MK2! Burst, and Wata=Do・Chinkuru's 駄眠妖精推参 under Non-H Completed.
A torrent for the 6th Anniversary Live under Video, Live Action/VA Events.
Nagisa no Utahime under Untouched.
The talk tracks from Miki's Master Artist 2 on Translated Drama CDs/NoMakes.
The Master Box VII in MP3 or FLAC on the Music tab.
Miki's SP Sounds under THE iDOLM@STER SP.
Miki's Birthday stream pastebin under Video, Birthdays.


【yae】 狼ト生キル's "Haruka and Ami Story"
ASGO's Takane and Yayoi's Family, Shijou Takane no Ramen Tanbou and kasuga's The Cattlemaster 3. (All uncleaned.)

[うたかた倶楽部] 四条半響詩曲 (Cleans completed.)

PLANT/Tsurui's H doujins "千早Wonderful!!", "Colorful律子2" and "春香After2" have been rescanned due to quality concerns.
Updated the Nemuri Hime completed link.

25th of November: Cinderell@ Fever!
28th of November: Puchimasu anime OP single. (Was ordered by an Anonymous, said to rip it.)
28th of November: Mingosu's new solo album "Precious Sounds"
28th of November: 7th Anniversary Live Blu-Ray:
Thank you all once again for participating and/or contributing to the threads and Yukipo. Keep up the great work.