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Futami Ami's Exhilarating Costume Challenge!

posted Feb 17, 2013, 10:26 AM by Hika Thai

The Cinderella Girls Radio talk segment during Wonfes 2013 torrent under Video, Live Action/VA Events.
Aya Shachou's Forbidden Fruit, usoneko's artbook ポチッとな, and 安倍川P/SIBERI@N HUSKY's A summary of iM@S 4-koma collection in an hour under Non-H Completed.
TWIAO's Chapters 21 and 22 RAWs.
The categorized list of most/all donjons and pixiv comics on the Doujin and Pixiv Comics tab.
Harukaze Dojin's Hold Me!, Jikomanzoku's Drunken Yukiho's Intentions and Desires, S-FORCE's A Certain Sexual Desire of Haruka, and Endorphin's Private Lesson under H-Completed.
The compiled episodes pack 30-34 and the RAWs, recaps, VA Talks (Currently at Week 7), Chihaya's translated talk track scripts (Being converted into subtitles), and Compiled Episodes all under a new mediafire link.
Yoshimura Haruka's (Mika's VA) blog post about the Shinjuku BLAZE Concert in December 2012 under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
Break's Chapter 24 Script.
Splash Red's Volume 3 Extra Chapter RAWs, under Manga, Dearly Stars.
茶菓山 しん太's Kotori + Kaede "Canis minor" and
ramen's Uzuki + Haruka "うづはる" under Untouched.

A typesetter/cleaner for ramen's "I'm sorry, Yayoi" and unknown (Mori)/大森林's "step".
Please check the Untouched and Incomplete sections.


[うたかた倶楽部] 四条半響詩曲's link has been fixed.
【yae】 狼ト生キル's "思春期が来い6" has been typeset, it has been archived.
The next session of the iM@S Fantasy Quest will be held at 8PM EST on the 23rd.
Information about the new Million Live idols:

17th of February: Cinderella Girls doujin event:
25th of February: Chihaya's birthday.

Thank you all once again for contributing and/or participating towards the threads and Yukipo. Always remember to "claim" what you are working on to avoid collisions.