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Futami Ami and Mami's Imitation Challenge!

posted May 20, 2012, 5:13 PM by Hika Thai

A tab that contains the dead links of various things.
A G4U Yayoi pack on the Images tab.
ASGO's Full Color Book Collection and Shuu☆Kazuki's LIP under Completed.
Splash Red's Chapter 8.
G4U magazines have been rescanned under Manga, Miscellaneous.
The Project Fairy Medley on the Music tab.
Puchim@su! Chapters 43 and 46.
The Slot Machine timeshift broadcast under Live Action/VA Events.
The G4U Covers and the Visual Collection have been scanned, under Artbooks/Official Art.
All the Ending Cards from episode 1 through 20 have been scanned under Endings.
Colorful Days Chapters 4 and 5 RAWs and Chapter 12's script. (Notes)
A Left 4 De@d 2 tab. (Notes)
Kana Hanazawa's 1st single.
Some MKV versions of the nomakes and others under Translated Drama CD.
Replaced the Theater "Cinderella Girl" and the CG card packs with recent ones.
The World Is All One! Chapter 13 and Chapter 14's RAWs.
Hibiki's birthday stream from Jaehoony on the Video tab.

Idol-man needs to be typesetted under Incompleted.
A couple of things on the Untouched tab.

We've caught up with Puchim@su!.
Anons and Translator-Fag are still scanning in Colorful Days.
The Left 4 Dead2 tab contains links on various things about customizing it, we were wanting to put some of the idols instead of the original characters.
The twins might be getting a doujin completed by the time their birthday is.