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Chihaya's Confident Song Challenge!

posted May 27, 2013, 12:16 PM by Hika Thai

All the episodes of The iDOLM@STER STATION!! (Skits) under Translated Drama CDs/NoMakes.
Natsu to Umi's Nyanto Wonderful and rearranged Yuutosei's stuff under Non-H Completed.
Ami, Mami, Koami, and Komami's Talk Track (Subbed) under Puchimasu!, Music/Talk Tracks.
九野十弥's Haruka/Chihaya non-H doujin "月と太陽と妖精の森", sou's "HaruChiha Manga -3-", and S-FORCE's Makoto/Chihaya/Haruka non-H doujins "ろじます" volumes 1, 2 and 3 under Untouched.
The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Master 016-020 under Cinderella Girls, Songs/Talk Tracks.
Neue Green Chapter 13 under Dearly Stars.
The World Is All One! Chapter 25 RAW.
Ami and Mami's Birthday Stream list under Video, Birthdays.
Break Chapter 15.
A summary of Eriko's Q&A at Anime North 2013 under Voice Actor, Eriko Nakamura.

Typesetting for Asterisk/アステリズム's Hibiki H doujin "真夏のメリークリスマス" / "Due South Merry Christmas"

Request Posts:

May 29th: Puchimasu anime BD volume 3, LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 02 album, Akiko's sixth solo single "Niji no Kanata ni" and Mingosu's 5th solo live "Precious Sounds" BD/DVD.
May 31st: Cinderella Girls Nendoroid Petit Stage 01 Box, Minicchu 01 Box and Rubber Strap Cool Box.

Thank you for being patient, contributing and/or participating towards the threads and Yukipo. Take it easy and love your idols.