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Amami Haruka's Welcoming the New Year Challenge!

posted Dec 30, 2012, 7:13 PM by Hika Thai

Square Meters' Wonderful Lesson, the first part of 夏しちゃってるGIRL!, and Ranko-Chan (Under Unknown.) on the Non-H Completed.
The Chapter 1 revised versions of Rockin' Girl and Ensemble!, the Cleans for Rockin' Girl Chapter 2, Chapter 1 of Cinderwriter, Chapter 2 RAWs of Idol of the Day and the Cinderadio Edition.
The ALRIGHT* MV from Groovy Tune has been upscaled under Shiny Festa.
Iori and Yukiho's routes in The iDOLM@STER SP: Wandering Star has been translated.
NGMYU's Bridal Tune, PLANT's 202 Lewd Images, and kasuga's Cattlemaster 03 under H-Completed.
Dereragi DVD Volume 1 under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
Last year's Pajama Party with the VA's, The CG Radio with Mingosu as a guest, along with the other episodes, and the Shiny Festa/Cinderella Girls Event in Shinjuku BLAZE under Video, Live Action/VA Events.
Yukiho's G4U Birthday Pack under Images, G4U.
Takemura Sesshu's X under Untouched.
Created a section under Voice Actor for Eriko Nakamura and added in her Single for La♡La✩La♪Nakamuland ~Love♡Laugh✩Live♪~
A Douple Yukipo Documentary under Video, Miscellaneous.
"AEIUEOA!" by Haruka and Chihaya, iM@S2 Yukiho Singles Album, and some ripped songs from iM@S STATION under Music.
A personal image collection of Yukiho (Around 2GBs.) on the Images tab.
The preview for Riina's "Twilight Sky" under Cinderella Girls, Songs/Talk Tracks.
Another set of links for the previews of Takane and Chihaya's Character Songs and the preview and talk about Puchim@s! with Azumin and Harami on the Puchim@s! tab.

Typesetters (And Cleaners) for:
atelier maruwa's "奥さまはiDOL -菊地真編-"
Shijou Takane no Ramen Tanbou
Puchikakka 2 and 3
きさらぎ壱吾's "あたりまえのこと。

A Typesetter has claimed to TS Tiny Tiny Heroine.
Yukiho's iM@S2 Route is still in progress, with 4 Episodes done. Check under the Video, Communication tab.
The Chapter 4 for the Cool Anthology has been retypes.

January 1st: Puchimasu anime begins on and NicoNico.
January 5th at 8PM EST: The next session of the iM@S Fantasy Quest will be held.

Thank you all once again for contributing and/or participating towards the threads and Yukipo. Please consider the feelings of new contributors and not to harshly criticize them.