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Amami Haruka's Buttgrabbing Plan

posted Apr 15, 2012, 10:20 AM by Hika Thai

8BIT iDOLM@STER Best Albums under Music
TWIAO RAWs and Chapter 8 is completed, all under The World Is All One!
Blues for Puchim@su!'s Chapter 44 and 45 and the completed version of Chapter 39 and 40 (along with a large version) under Puchim@su!
Innocent Blue's Chapter 11, 12, and the Extra RAWs along with Splash Red's Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12, and Extra RAWs under Dearly Stars.
Colorful Days 12 RAWs under Colorful Days.
Third Volume of the G4U manga (completed) along with volumes 1 through 6 RAWs under Manga -> Miscellaneous
Takane Days under Completed Doujin.
A Remix/Mashup tab has been created under Music. (Notes)
White Days' Chapter 1-4 with it's RAWs and script under Incompleted Doujin.
Hidebou House's Haruka split-personality donjon "BLACK&WHITE"under Untouched Doujin.
Lovely Flower with it's RAWs and script under Incompleted Doujin, along with a Non-H Hibiki doujin that has been partly translated and someone has put in a request for the rest of it.
Updated Card and Comic packs under Cinderella Girls.

The rest of Puchim@su! Chapters. (We should be getting them soon.)

We're in no rush for these (for Completion):
Colorful Days
Your Mess@ge

If you guys could provide me some links for the Remix/Mashup songs, I would appreciate it.
Once again, we've gotten a lot of work done, with purchasing or completing things. I appreciate everything you guys have done.