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Akizuki Ritsuko's Scare Away the Hiccups Challenge!

posted Jul 8, 2012, 12:45 PM by Hika Thai

A Ritsuko Sound Pack under THE iDOLMASTER SP.
The Creaseless and Big Volume 8 BD Cover, and the G4U Cover link has updated with Volume 9's cover, and the Key Art 4 under Artbooks/Official Art.
Murasakisakana's June 25th and 慧@3日目東ル23a, a HaraNu book under Completed.
Nemuri Hime's Chapter 8 Script.
Part 5 of Aice5 under Voice Actor, Chiaki Takahashi.
Asapon's Single Album, Awake, under Voice Actor, Asami Shimoda.
Puchim@su! Chapter 48.
Created a Hara Yumi tab under Voice Actor and added her version of Tasogare's ED.
The CG's Database and dex under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
Colorful Days Chapter 6 and 7.5, and Chapter 15 and 16 RAWs.
A CD Japan link to Mingosu's Limited Love under Voice Actor, Asami Imai.
Chihaya's G4U Volume 9 Intro and the Introduction to the RK route (subbed) under Video, Communication.
Innocent Blue's Chapter 12 and the Extra Chapter, with the Volume 2 bundle link. Splash Red's Chapter 10 script, all under Dearly Stars.
The only HD Yayo can afford, Piyopiyo, and Io under Images, HD Puchim@su!
A G4U pack from Volume 9 (mostly Ryou) on the Images tab.
Two new complication version of Dream and the guitar tabs for Smoky Thrill baseline, on the Music tab.
Episode 26's Ending Cards under Images, Ending.
Chinkuru's Promise under Untouched.
Volume 9's BD Namassuka Sunday Drama CD under Untranslated Drama CD.
The information about idol cars on the Miscellaneous tab.

A typesetter for Brilliant Cinderella when it's finished being cleaned.
The requests and the Untouched tabs.

Some G4U requests and two Puchim@su! images have appeared under Requests.
Nemuri Hime's Chapter 7 through 12 and the Extra Stage have been rescanned.
Brilliant Cinderella is currently being cleaned.
The second set of Puchim@su! keychains have been released.
Thank you very much to everyone that has participated and contributed in any and every way.