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765 Production's Uplifting Karaoke Challenge!

posted Aug 19, 2012, 4:28 PM by Hika Thai   [ updated Aug 19, 2012, 4:31 PM ]

A new Non-H Chihaya Doujin and コミケ82無料配布本全部 under Incompleted.
ため's "One's Own Path", 大森林's "SSS", Panda ga Ippiki's "Happy Birthday, Chihaya", Chimoshi's "Kyou Kara Azuioazu" and PLANT (Tsurui's) Ami Mami Mind 2 under Completed.
More of Asami Imai's songs (non-Chihaya) under Voice Actor, Asami Imai.
Akurira's "765×Toy", (C82)(同人誌)[このは(保汀一葉)]発情プリンセス 総集編Part1, and Two Nekomataya doujins, under Untouched.
The Kana Arc under Cinderella Girls, Manga.
The Namassuka Special (featuring Project Fairy) and the transcription of Hatsukoi ~Isshou Kataomoi no Sakura~ on the Music category.
Asapon's writeup of the 7th Anniversary Live has been translated, under Voice Actor, Asami Shimoda.
Makoto under Miscellaneous HD.
Folder Icons (using Idol names, ex: あずさ)
The Mylist and the Stream (in parts), Nu-Nyan, and Harami singing Do-Dai from Game Wednesday under Video, Live Action/VA Events.

Retiming of these japanese subtitle tracks for the anime is requested, under Miscellaneous, Requests.
A translator for "トリプル・トリック・スター", a non-H doujin that has already been cleaned.

The Action Sounds under THE iDOLM@STER SP have combined into a mediafire folder link.
Removed the completed chapters for Innocent Blue's Volume 2.
Moved some folder icons (includes pictures of the idols) on the Images tab.
Today, the 20th of August: "Jupiter ~THE IDOLM@STER~" manga in Hakusensha’s Hana to Yume publication.
We've purchased "OGI★STAR MEMORIES" artbook doujin by the anime staff and are currently working out other things concerning scanning/mailing/etc.
A kind Anonymous recorded the "Game Wednesday" incase it isn't uploaded on NicoNico.
If there are any cleaners/translators/typesetters wanting some practice, please post in a current thread for criticism, the help is always great.
Thank you to everyone that has either been in the thread and/or contributed. Keep up the hard work.