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765 Production's Farewell Performance Challenge!

posted Apr 28, 2013, 11:07 PM by Hika Thai

Io's Shimeji, under Miscellaneous, Shimeji.
Risuiyuuki/Chirari Chocho's "Rookie Trainer's Reason", kisaragiichiore's "メイド千早の前日", ヨエコスキー's  千早さんゴーバック! (1-17) and, sebasumurasaki's HaruAmiYukiMami under Non-H Completed.
ramen's "I'm sorry, Yayoi" under H-Completed.
Namassuka Special, Curtain Call's Opening and Ending Talk and NoMakes 2, 3, and 5, with 4 being proofread under Translated Drama CDs/NoMakes.
The updated CG Card Pack and another link for the translated skit from CG Radio Episode 15 under Cinderella Girls, Miscellaneous.
An iOS data dump, Funky Note's OVA in 540p, and the OVAs under Shiny Festa.
Yukiho-sama Voice Clips under Voice Actor, Yurika Ochiai.
D@ys of Jupiter Chapter 2's Script.
The LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 01 "Thank you!" in MP3 and FLAC under Million Live.
New Generations Chapter 8 RAWs under Cinderella Girls, Manga.
A Iori and Chihaya G4U pack under Images, G4U.
Chokaigi 2, which includes a brass band, alpaca taming, etc. under Video, Live Action/VA Events.

Script: わらべし文子's Ai/Mai comic "おやこげんか".

Natsu to Umi's "Nyanto Wonderful" has been (partially) translated and TLcheck is requested.

Request Posts:

Colorful Days' tab has been reorganized.
iM@S2 Yukiho Singles Album has been renamed to Second Vision Yukiho Singles Pack under Music, which has been recently updated.
Currently working on a place to put the Japanese Subtitle Episodes.

April 30th: Cupoche Haruka figure, Puchimasu folding fans + posters, and Cindrella Girls Character Tape, Rubber Strap Cute Box and Rubber Strap Passion Box.
May 5th: Iori's birthday.

Thank you for always participating and/or contributing towards the threads and Yukipo. Take it easy.