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Starlight Stage

To play Starlight Stage on Android, download and install this file (Updated):
Translations and useful info (missions in the misc tab):
High res card illustrations:
Table of skills:
Reminder for rerolling people that you can check the list of available cards in the auditions tab.
Another reminder that you can get SR from local auditions too.
Few frequently asked questions:
>The game's not working for me anymore
Download and run the apk file linked above. You don't have to do anything else.
>Can you run it on Bluestacks?
Yes, but slide doesn't work, so you're stuck with Debut and Regular difficulties.
>I'm not rooted, do I have to reinstall everytime I want to reroll?
No, all you have to do is delete cache, you can skip all tutorials.
>What are the chances of obtaining SR/SSR?
10% for SR, 1.5% for SSR
>What to do with money other than spend it on furniture?
You can also upgrade your furniture and purchase songs with it.
>How to get more stars jewels? Input your ID first, then inviter's. You'll receive 250 stars. Afterwards, input your ID second and ID of uninvited anon first, you'll receive 50 stars each try. You can do it five times. You can do the first part with ID from previous try everytime you reroll for quick 250 stars, which means you get two tries per ID instead of one.
>How to obtain crowns?
You get them for clearing songs, you can also receive them from lockers.

A hacked Starlight Stage APK that forces the graphics to the highest quality settings (last updated September 25th)

If you're having trouble with Starlight Stage's performance/quality, try this method using GLTools

Starlight Stage's first story commu translated:

Story commu scripts ripped from the game

"Atashi Ponkotsu Android" ranking event prologue and chapter 1 commus subbed by [M@STERSCANZ]
Chapter 1:!l4gilDYJ!gG1i15rGYaNe_VFcqkCk2KlaDrSkMLOOYmwiHJ_QND0